Catalog 2019

About Cover Images Competition

Greenwich University is in the process of publishing a book “Economy of the future: Unlocking the Export Potential of Pakistan”.

Students are working to gather data which will be analyzed under the directions of the faculties of various concerned courses. They will be marked on this assignment. The initiative is envisaged to complement Pakistan’s emergence as next Asian Tiger in line with Government of Pakistan Vision 2025 and its export-led growth strategy.

We would like that the Greenwich Fraternity to be a part in any of the aspects of the publication of this book.

We are now looking to develop the cover and other pages designs of the book (the idea should cover Pakistan’s economic growth, export potential, export destinations, export products, etc.).

You are invited to be a part of designing competition and submit your designs for the following:

1. Cover Page (Size: Width 7.25” Inches * Height 9.6” Inches)

2. Back Page (Size: Width 7.25” Inches * Height 9.6” Inches)

3. Separator (Size: Width 6.5” Inches * Height 9” Inches)

4. Separator (Size: Width 12.5” Inches * Height 9” Inches)

A Jury will review and select the designs which will be featured in the flagship publication. Due recognition will be given to the selected designs in the book. This book will be presented to Government of Pakistan and circulated across foreign embassies, consulates, Pakistani embassies, civil society and media.

In case of any problem in uploading the content, feel free to contact Mr. Sheeraz at