Companies Catalog 2019

A Research Based Insight of Industry in Pakistan

The Catalog contains information on companies, their profiles, business scope and trade magnitude.

Greenwich University has been a symbol of academic excellence for the last 30 years. To continue our tradition of excellence, we have embarked on a new journey where we intend to understand the economy of the future. This economy of the future is the one that has been outlined in the Pakistan Vision 2025 document. After examining this document we felt compelled to evaluate the implications for the future of Pakistan specifically in terms of meeting our intended export targets for 2025. Our academic endeavor will allow us to explore the export sector of Pakistan where we intend to unlock the export potential of our beloved country. This undertaking will be in the form of a published 450 page book. A book which will feature articles, research, commentary and company profiles from the export sector of Pakistan. The book is envisaged to articulate actionable policy and procedural recommendations to help the government advance Pakistan’s progress in the region and beyond. The book also serves as a marketing strategy through its outreach to important trade destinations profiling our export products with foreign embassies as well as Pakistani consulates abroad. It encapsulates visionary aspirations of our key exporters and mobilizes stakeholders from academia, government and civil society to draw a consultative, cohesive and comprehensive plan of action for future.


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Greenwich University is in the process of publishing a book “Economy of the future: Unlocking the Export Potential of Pakistan”.

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